Books Read During 1998

This is a list of books I read during 1998; rereadings are marked with a (*). For those curious about other years, lists for 1996, 1997, 1999, and 2000 are available, as is the current list .


Stardust				Robert Parker		98-01-02
Pastime					Robert Parker		98-01-03
The Tick Compendium						98-01-03
The Tick Compednium, vol2					98-01-03
Double Deuce				Robert Parker		98-01-03
The Night Gift				Patricia McKillip	98-01-04
Mazemaker				Catherine Dexter	98-01-05
Paper Doll				Robert Parker		98-01-06	
I'm Nobody.  Who Are You? (*)		Mary Anderson		98-01-06
Walking Shadow				Robert Parker		98-01-08
Neverwhere				Neil Gaiman		98-01-12
Virginia Woolf: Life & London					98-01-13
Thin Air				Robert Parker		98-01-17
A Marriage of True Minds					98-01-25
Make Mine To Go	 			Elizabeth Craft		98-02-01
Witchlight				L.J. Smith		98-02-02
The Really Interesting Question		Lytton Strachey		98-02-02
Heavy Time				C.J. Cherryh		98-02-03
Hellburner				C.J. Cherryh		98-02-06
The Hollow Skull			Christopher Pike	98-02-10
Downbelow Station			C.J. Cherryh		98-02-11
Merchanter's Luck			C.J. Cherryh		98-02-16
The Year's Best Fantasy 10		Arthur Saha		98-02-17
Rimrunners				C.J. Cherryh		98-02-20
Dragonseye				Anne McCaffery		98-02-23
Flavor of the Day			Elizabeth Craft		98-02-25
Cameron: The Sorority			Wendy Corsi Staub	98-02-26
Zara: The Roommate			Wendy Corsi Staub	98-02-26
A Sense of Shadow			Kate Wilhelm		98-02-27
The Initiation				L.J. Smith		98-02-28
Tripoint				C.J. Cherryh		98-02-28
The Captive (*)				L.J. Smith		98-03-01
The Power (*)				L.J. Smith		98-03-01
A Room with a View			E.M. Forster		98-03-03
From the Mixed Up Files... (*)		E.N. Koninsburg		98-03-10
Metropolitan				Walter Jon Williams	98-03-11
City on Fire				Walter Jon Williams	98-03-15
Island in the Sea of Time		S.M. Stirling		98-03-18
Starship Troopers			Robert Heinlein		98-03-22
A Passover Companion						98-03-28
Beyond Jennifer & Jason (*)					98-03-28
The King of Kings & I			Jaffe Cohen		98-03-28
The Golden Compass			Phillip Pullman		98-03-29
The Subtle Knife			Phillip Pullman		98-03-30
Dragon's Winter				Elizabeth Lynn		98-03-31
Watchtower (*)				Elizabeth Lynn		98-04-02
The Dancers of Arun (*)			Elizabeth Lynn		98-04-03
The Northern Girl			Elizabeth Lynn		98-04-04
Web of Light (*)			Marion Zimmer Bradley	98-04-05
Web of Darkness (*)			Marion Zimmer Bradley	98-04-05
Master and Commander			Patrick O'Brian		98-04-14
The Tower Room				Adele Geras		98-04-16
Watching the Roses			Adele Geras		98-04-17
Thames Doesn't Rhyme with James 	Paula Danziger		98-04-18
Get A Life							98-04-18
Post Captain				Patrick O'Brian		98-04-19
HMS Surprise				Patrick O'Brian		98-04-21
The Mauritius Command			Patrick O'Brian		98-04-23
Desolation Island			Patrick O'Brian		98-04-26
China Mountain Zhang (*)		Maureen McHugh		98-05-04
The Surgeon's Mate			Patrick O'Brian		98-05-05
Komarr					Lois McMaster Bujold	98-05-07
Committment Hour			James Alan Gardener	98-05-09
The Garden Party			Katherine Mansfield	98-05-14
Thursday				Catherine Storr		98-05-16
Niccolo Rising				Dorothy Dunnett		98-05-19
Juniper, Gentian, and Rosemary          Pamela Dean             98-05-23
Bridge of Birds (*)                     Barry Hughart           98-05-26
Weetzie Bat                             Francesca Lia Block     98-05-30
Witch Baby                              Francesca Lia Block     98-05-30
Cherokee Bat and the Goat Guys          Francesca Lia Block     98-05-30
Missing Angel Juan                      Francesca Lia Block     98-05-30
Baby Be-Bop                             Francesca Lia Block     98-05-30
Burning Water (*)                       Mercedes Lackey         98-05-30
The Spring of the Ram                   Dorothy Dunnett         98-05-31
How I Created My Perfect Prom Date      Todd Strasser           98-06-05
"Hello", I Lied                         M. E. Kerr              98-06-05
If You Can't Live Without Me... (*)     Cynthia Heimel          98-06-06
Sex Tips for Girls (*)                  Cynthia Heimel          98-06-07
A Race of Scorpions                     Dorothy Dunnett         98-06-08
Doonesbury, the Musical                 G.B. Trudeau            98-06-09
The Stress of Her Regard                Tim Powers              98-06-11
Soothsayer                              Mike Resnick            98-06-13
Oracle                                  Mike Resnick            98-06-13
Prophet                                 Mike Resnick            98-06-14
The Unbearable Lightness of Being (*)	Milan Kundera		98-06-17
Stephen Sondheim                        Mary Secrest            98-06-20
Challenges                              Sharon Green            98-06-22
Soul Music                              Terry Pratchett         98-06-27
Lords and Ladies                        Terry Pratchett         98-06-27
Maskerade                               Terry Pratchett         98-06-28
Equal Rites                             Terry Pratchett         98-07-01
Guards, Guards! (*)                     Terry Pratchett         98-07-05
Moving Pictures                         Terry Pratchett         98-07-08
Reaper Man                              Terry Pratchett         98-07-08
Men At Arms                             Terry Pratchett         98-07-10
Interesting Times                       Terry Pratchett         98-07-10
Hogfather                               Terry Pratchett         98-07-11
Feet of Clay                            Terry Pratchett         98-07-11
Jingo                                   Terry Pratchett         98-07-12
The Last Continent                      Terry Pratchett         98-07-12
Searching for Caleb                     Anne Tyler              98-07-16
English Lit Relit                       Richard Armour          98-07-17
A Game of Thrones                       George R.R. Martin      98-07-20
20c Interpretations of Romeo & Juliet   Douglas Cole (ed)       98-07-22
The Story of the Stone I                Cao Xequin/Doug Hawke   98-07-28
Ellen                                   E.M. Almedingen         98-07-29
The Fine Art of Reading                 David Cecil             98-08-02
How Much for Just the Planet?           John M. Ford            98-08-05
Princes of the Air                      John M. Ford            98-08-06
Fugue State                             John M. Ford            98-08-07
Startide Rising                         David Brin              98-08-10
Godstalk                                P.C. Hodgell            98-08-10
Through Divided Minds                   Robert Meyer            98-08-15
The Oxford Book of Literary Anecdotes                           98-08-16
Larque on the Wing                      Nancy Springer          98-08-17
Nobody's Son                            Sean Stewart            98-08-22
The Flock                               Joan Casey/Lynn Wilson  98-08-24
Strong Poison                           Dorothy Sayers          98-08-28
Have His Carcase			Dorothy Sayers		98-08-29
Deliver Us From Evie                    M.E. Kerr               98-08-30
Annie on My Mind                        Nancy Garden            98-08-30
The House of Real Love                  Carla Tomaso            98-08-30
The Magic Daughter                      Jane Phillips           98-09-04
Gaudy Night                             Dorothy Sayers          98-09-05
Minor Arcana                            Diana Wynne Jones       98-09-07
House of Cards                          Peter David             98-09-08
Into the Void                           Peter David             98-09-08
The Two-Front War                       Peter David             98-09-08
End Game                                Peter David             98-09-09
Martyr                                  Peter David             98-09-09
Fire on High                            Peter David             98-09-09
Anne of Green Gables (*)                L.M. Montgomery         98-09-10
Anne of Avonlea (*)                     L.M. Montgomery         98-09-11
Anne of the Island (*)                  L.M. Montgomery         98-09-12
Anne of Windy Poplars (*)               L.M. Montgomery         98-09-13
Zoey Fools Around (*)                   Katherine Applegate     98-09-20
Jake Finds Out (*)                      Katherine Applegate     98-09-20
Nina Won't Tell                         Katherine Applegate     98-09-21
Ben's In Love                           Katherine Applegate     98-09-21
Claire Gets Caught (*)                  Katherine Applegate     98-09-22
'Tis Pity She's a Whore                 John Ford               98-09-23
The Many-Colored Land (*)               Julian May              98-09-24
The Angel Chronicles                    Nancy Holder            98-09-25
"Teacher's Pet"                                                 98-09-26
"Passion"                               Ty King                 98-09-26
Godbody                                 Theodore Sturgeon       98-09-26
The Glass House People                  Katherine Reiss         98-09-27
A Point of Honor                        Dorothy J. Heydt        98-09-27
Of Time and Of Seasons (*)              Norma Johnston          98-09-27
A Striving After Wind (*)		Norma Johnston		98-09-28
The Keeping Days (*)			Norma Johnston          98-09-30
Glory in the Flower (*)                 Norma Johnston          98-10-01
The Crab-Flower Club                    Cao Xuequin             98-10-03
X-Men: Inferno (*)     	                Chris Claremont &c.     98-10-05
The Broken Crown                        Michelle West           98-10-19
Karma Cola                              Gita Mehta              98-10-25
Starlight II                            ed. Patrick N. Hayden   98-10-25
New Hugo Winners                        ed. Isaac Asimov        98-10-29
Mockingbird                             Sean Stewart            98-10-30
A Sorcerer and a Gentleman              Elizabeth Willey        98-10-31
The Price of Blood and Honor            Elizabeth Willey        98-11-02
The Well-Favored Man (*)                Elizabeth Willey        98-11-08
The Picture of Dorian Gray              Oscar Wilde             98-11-09 
Figures of Earth                        James Branch Cabell     98-11-12
Memory (*)                              Lois McMaster Bujold    98-11-15
William Shakespeare's Richard III       Ian McKellen            98-11-16
Carpe Juguluum                          Terry Pratchett         98-11-16
The Silver Stallion                     James Branch Cabell     98-11-18
The Warning Voice                       Cao Xueqin              98-11-18
The Debt of Tears                       Cao Xueqin and Gao E    98-11-21
The Dreamer Awakens                     Cao Xueqin and Gao E    98-11-23
Tori                                    Diana McClure Jones     98-11-24
Unmasking                               Nina Kiriki Hoffman     98-11-24
When September Returns (*)              McClure Jones           98-11-25
All-American Girl                       Vanessa Payton          98-11-25
Be My Valentine                         Elaine Harper           98-11-25
Santiago                                Mike Resnick            98-11-26
A Dream of Red Chambers                                         98-11-26
The Family Tree                         Sheri Tepper            98-11-28
The Vor Game (*)                        Lois McMaster Bujold    98-11-29
The Personal Touch                      Caroline B. Cooney      98-11-29
Promises To Come                        Genell Dellin           98-11-30
A Touch of Love                         Winifred Madison        98-11-30
Three Weeks of Love                     Patricia Aks            98-12-01
Hellflower (*)                          eluki bes shahar        98-12-05
Darktraders (*)                         eluki bes shahar        98-12-06
Archangel Blues (*)                     eluki bes shahar        98-12-09
The Sword of Maiden's Tears (*)         Rosemary Edghill        98-12-15
Blood Roses                             Chelsea Quinn Yarbo     98-12-16
Komarr                                  Lois McMaster Bujold    98-12-18
The Power (*)                           Betsy Haynes            98-12-19
The Cup of Morning Shadows              Rosemary Edghill        98-12-20
The Cloak of Night and Daggers          Rosemary Edghill        98-12-20
Two-Bit Heroes (*)                      Doris Egan              98-12-20
Facets                                  Walter Jon Williams     98-12-21
Passion Play                            Sean Stewart            98-12-22
Jaran                                   Kate Elliott            98-12-23
No Earthly Crown                        Kate Elliott            98-12-24
His Conquering Sword                    Kate Elliott            98-12-25
Domnei                                  James Branch Cabell     98-12-26
The Music Behind the Moon               James Branch Cabell     98-12-26
Zombies of the Gene Pool                Sharyn McCrumb          98-12-27
The Infinity Concerto                   Greg Bear               98-12-28
Work is Hell                            Matt Groening           98-12-30