Books I've Read

I started keeping track of all the books I read because Chrisber has been keeping track of his since 9th grade, and it seemed like a good idea. Individual comics don't get listed, and neither do short stories, but I do list such things as graphic novels, anthologies, and comic runs that I read all at once. Sometimes I'll read something in passing and never remember the author's name, so occasionally that slot is left blank. A lot of these are rereadings; I've tried to mark them with a (*).

This page is the in-progress 2001 list. I also have archived lists for 1996, 1997, 1998 , 1999, and 2000. Looking over my lists I feel it necessary to point out that I don't necessarily reccomend the majority of these books. I read a wide variety of things for various reasons, and thus these lists includes things I read for nostalgia value (Eddings, whose work is medicore at best), and things I really enjoy that I don't imagine anyone else will feel the same way about (Katherine Applegate, author of many teen romances, for instance).

Inspired by a mailing list I was once on I've started doing a sort of summary of my monthly reading, complete with opinions.


Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit        Storm Constantine       01-01-01
The Veiled Web                          Catherine Asaro         01-01-02
The Secrets of Mariko                   Elisabeth Bumiller      01-01-05
Card Captor Sakura 2                    CLAMP                   01-01-06
When the King Comes Home                Caroline Stevermer      01-01-07
The Hours of Catherine of Cleves        G. Braziller            01-01-11
King of the Kooties                     Debbie Dadey            01-01-12
King David: A Biography                 Steve McKenzie          01-01-13
An American Ghost                       Chester Aaron           01-01-14
The Christmas Book                      James Reeves            01-01-14
Casanova Was a Book Lover               John Maxwell Hamilton   01-01-16
Paperbacks U.S.A                        Piet Schreuder          01-01-16
Half Magic                              Edgar Eager             01-01-16
The Tale of Murasaki                    Liza Dalby              01-01-19
Fool Moon                               Jim Butcher             01-01-20
Knight's Castle                         Edgar Eager             01-01-22
Magic By the Lake                       Edgar Eager             01-01-23
Magic or Not?                           Edgar Eager             01-01-24
The Well-Wishers                        Edgar Eager             01-01-24
Hello?  Is Anybody There?               Jostein Gaarder         01-01-24
The Time Garden                         Edgar Eager             01-01-24
To You With Love                ed. Seon Manley & Gogo Lewis    01-01-26
Seven-Day Magic                         Edgar Eager             01-01-26
The Mother Trip                         Ariel Gore              01-01-27
So Proudly She Sailed                   Olga Cabral             01-01-27
The BFG                                 Roald Dahl              01-01-28
Midnight is a Place                     Joan Aiken              01-01-30
Happy Christmas         ed. William Seymour Kean & John Smith   01-01-31
The Trouble with Mothers                Marge Facklam           01-01-31
The Wimp and the Jock                   John Ibbitson           01-01-31
Sweet and Sour                  Carol Kendall & Yao-wen Li      01-01-31
Mindplayers                             Pat Cadigan             01-02-02
Change!                                 Isaac Asimov            01-02-03
The Betrayer's Fortune                  Dave Jackson            01-02-04
Cabbage and Bones                       ed. Caledonia Kearns    01-02-04
The Shadow of Albion            Rosemary Edghill & Andre Norton 01-02-04
The Cook's Family                       Laurence Yep            01-02-04
Primary Inversion                       Catherine Asaro         01-02-06
Border Crossings                        Icarus World Issues     01-02-07
The Roads From Bethlehem   ed. Pegram Johnson & Edna M. Troiano 01-02-09
Responses to 101 Questions on the Bible Raymond E. Brown        01-02-12
Calamus                 ed. David Galloway & Christian Sabisch  01-02-15
The Language of Threads                 Gail Tsukiyama          01-02-15
X/1999: Prelude (*)                     CLAMP                   01-02-18
Native Tongues                          Charles Berlitz         01-02-18
Sailor Moon 1 (*)                       Takeuchi Naoko          01-02-18
Sailor Moon 2 (*)                       Takeuchi Naoko          01-02-18
Sailor Moon 3 (*)                       Takeuchi Naoko          01-02-19
Sailor Moon 4 (*)                       Takeuchi Naoko          01-02-19
Sailor Moon 5 (*)                       Takeuchi Naoko          01-02-19
Sailor Moon 6 (*)                       Takeuchi Naoko          01-02-19
Sailor Moon 7 (*)                       Takeuchi Naoko          01-02-19
Sailor Moon 8 (*)                       Takeuchi Naoko          01-02-19
Speak Daggers To Her (*)                Rosemary Edghill        01-02-19
The Book of Moons (*)                   Rosemary Edghill        01-02-20
The Bowl of Night (*)                   Rosemary Edghill        01-02-21
Levitating Trains & Kamikaze Genes      Richard P. Brennan      01-02-22
Patterns                                Pat Cadigan             01-02-22
In Praise of Libraries                  ed. Carlton C. Rochell  01-02-23
An Orphan in History                    Paul Cowan              01-02-23
Africa is Thunder and Wonder            ed. Barbara Nolen       01-02-24
Little House on Rocky Ridge             Roger Allen MacBride    01-02-25
Ironbound Island                        Elizabeth Ladd          01-02-25
Coming of Age: The Art of Growing Up    Icarus World Issues     01-02-28
The Uses of Literature                  Italo Calvino           01-03-04
The Enchanted Horse                     Magdalen Nabb           01-03-05
The 9 Questions People Ask About Judaism Prager & Telushkin     01-03-06
What We Believe... What We Do...     ed. Rabbi Simeon J. Maslin 01-03-06
To The Ends of the Universe             Isaac Asimov            01-03-07
X/1999: Overture (*)                    CLAMP                   01-03-10
Finite and Infinite Games               James P. Carse          01-03-11
Murasaki Shikibu: Her Diary and Poetic Memoirs  Richard Bowring 01-03-13
Synners                                 Pat Cadigan             01-03-16
Geeks                                   Jon Katz                01-03-17
Economic Literacy                       Jacob de Rooy           01-03-19
Theology for Non-Theologians            James Cantelon          01-03-21
Dave Barry's Greatest Hits              Dave Barry              01-03-25
Dave Barry in Cyberspace                Dave Barry              01-03-25
On Art and Artists                      Thomas Albright         01-03-28
The Worlds of Poul Anderson             Poul Anderson           01-03-31
18 Stories                              (ed)                    01-04-01
Magic Knight Rayearth 5                 CLAMP                   01-04-02
Food For Thought                        Joan & John Digby (ed)  01-04-04
Tales Of the City                       Armisted Maupin         01-04-05
More Tales of the City                  Armisted Maupin         01-04-05
Further Tales of the City               Armisted Maupin         01-04-07
Babycakes                               Armisted Maupin         01-04-07
A People Divided                                                01-04-09
Here Let Us Feast                       M.F.K. Fisher           01-04-09
China Mountain Zhang (*)                Maureen McHugh          01-04-09
Significant Others                      Armisted Maupin         01-04-12
Sure of You                             Armisted Maupin         01-04-12
Heartthrob                              Suzanne Brockmann       01-04-13
New Testament Light                     George Lamas            01-04-15
Fushigi Yuugi I  (*)                    Watase Yuu              01-04-16
Fushigi Yuugi II (*)                    Watase Yuu              01-04-16
Fushigi Yuugi III (*)                   Watase Yuu              01-04-16
Sailing to Sarantium                    Guy Gavriel Kay         01-04-19
The Unauthorized Version                Robin Lane Fox          01-04-24
Lord of Emperors                        Guy Gabriel Kay         01-04-25
In the Midst of Winter                  Mary Jane Moffat (ed)   01-04-27
Dave Barry Does Japan (Dabu Bari Nihon o suru)  Dave Barry      01-04-27
The God in Flight                       Laura Argiri            01-04-30
King's Dragon                           Kate Elliott            01-05-01
The Eagle's Daughter                    Judith Tarr             01-05-06
Waking the Moon                         Elizabeth Hand          01-05-09
Out of the Garden     Christina Bucchmann & Celina Spiegel (ed) 01-05-10
Essays on American Literature           Clarence Gohdes (ed)    01-05-11
Cerebus (*)                             Dave Sim                01-05-13
Into the Garden             Robert Hass & Stephen Mitchell (ed) 01-05-13
Card Captor Sakura 3                    CLAMP                   01-05-14
Peach Girl 1                            Ueda Miwa               01-05-14
Last Summer at Mars Hill                Elizabeth Hand          01-05-14
Saint Tail 1                            Megumi                  01-05-14
Sailor Moon 9                           Naoko Takeuchi          01-05-14
Gundam Wing 1 (*)                       Tokita Koichi &c.       01-05-15
Gundam Wing 2                           Tokita Koichi &c.       01-05-15
Gundam Wing 3                           Tokita Koichi &c.       01-05-15
Zine Scene              Francesca Lia Block & Hillary Carlip    01-05-16
Design of Cities                        Edward N. Bacon         01-05-17
Just a Sister Away                      Renita J. Weems         01-05-17
Urusei Yatsura                          Rumiko Takahashi        01-05-20
High Society (*)                        Dave Sim                01-05-20
Church and State I (*)                  Dave Sim                01-05-22
Theodora                                Antony Bridges          01-05-27
A Grief Observed                        N.W. Clerk (CS Lewis)   01-05-30
On Stories                              C.S. Lewis              01-06-05
Of Other Worlds                         C.S. Lewis              01-06-05
Letters to Children                     C.S. Lewis              01-06-06
C.S. Lewis: A Dramatic Life             William Griffith        01-06-09
Studies in Words                        C.S. Lewis              01-06-14
Letters to Malcolm, Chiefly on Prayer   C.S. Lewis              01-06-15
Letters to an American Lady             C.S. Lewis              01-06-16
Inspired By Drink                       Joan & John Digby (ed)  01-06-17
Athena 1                                Dean Hsieh              01-06-19
Athena 2                                Dean Hsieh              01-06-19
Violet & Claire                         Francesca Lia Block     01-06-19
An Intricate Weave                      Marlene Miller (ed)     01-06-20
The World's Last Night                  C.S. Lewis              01-06-21
The Velvet Paw                          Jean Conger             01-06-25
Aristocrats                             Stella Tillyard         01-06-29
Christian Reflections                   C.S. Lewis              01-06-30
Surprised By Joy                        C.S. Lewis              01-07-03
The Tolkien Relation                    William Ready           01-07-05
Blood Is Not Enough                     Ellen Datlow (ed)       01-07-06
Brothers & Friends                      Warren Hamilton Lewis   01-07-07
Kaleidoscope                            Eleanor Farjeon         01-07-07
Shadow Castle (*)                       Marian Cockrell         01-07-07
Inklings                                Humprey Carpenter       01-07-09
The Father Christmas Letters            J.R.R. Tolkien          01-07-09
The Rose and the Beast                  Francesca Lia Block     01-07-09
Tolkien and the Silmarils               Randel Helms            01-07-12
To Say Nothing of the Dog               Connie Willis           01-07-12
Women of the Pleasure Quarters          Lesley Downer           01-07-14
Planetary 1-13                          Warren Ellis            01-07-14
The Magical Carpenter of Japan          Ryojuien                01-07-16
Aspects of Love (*)                     David Garnett           01-07-17
Nobody's Son (*)                        Sean Stewart            01-07-17
Like Water For Chocolate                Laura Esquival          01-07-17
Shadow's End                            Sheri S. Tepper         01-07-19
Dear Genius                             Ursula Nordstrom        01-07-21
Half The Day Is Night                   Maureen McHugh          01-07-22
The Screwtape Letters                   C.S. Lewis              01-07-22
Teranesia                               Greg Egan               01-07-22
Sailor Stars 2                          Naoko Takeuchi          01-07-23
New Yorker 7/16/2001 (Rushdie)          various                 01-07-23
Love Hina                               Akamatsu Ken            01-07-24
Stormwatch 37-50, 1-10                  Warren Ellis et al.     01-07-24
Authority 1-24                          Warren Ellisa et al.    01-07-26
Richard III (*)                         Ian McKellan            01-07-27
Last Look (*)                           Clyde Robert Bulla      01-07-28
Willy Wong, American                    Vanya Oakes             01-07-28
The Secret Language (*)                 Ursula Nordstrom        01-07-29
A Whisper of Blood                      Ellen Datlow (ed)       01-07-30
Mothers                                 Alexandra Towle (ed)    01-08-01
On Track with the Japanese              Patricia Gercik         01-08-02
Over the Hills and Far Away             Lavinia Russ            01-08-02
The Curse of Chalion                    Lois McMaster Bujold    01-08-04
Media Control                           Noam Chomsky            01-08-05
Westmark (*)                            Lloyd Alexander         01-08-06
The Kestrel (*)                         Lloyd Alexander         01-08-06
Consider Phlebas                        Iain M. Banks           01-08-22
The Little, Brown Book of Anecdotes     Clifton Fadiman (ed)    01-08-26
What's Michael? (*)                     Makoto Kobayashi        01-08-27
The Player of Games (*)                 Iain M. Banks           01-08-28
Use of Weapons                          Iain M. Banks           01-09-02
Excession                               Iain M. Banks           01-09-08
Twisted Tales from Shakespeare          Richard Armour          01-09-13
Shakespeare's Histories                 George Joseph Becker    01-09-16
Frumpy the Clown: The Fat Lady Sings    Judd Winick             01-09-16
Frumpy the Clown: Freaking Out the Neighbours   Judd Winick     01-09-17
How to Read a French Fry                Russ Parsons            01-09-18
French Lessons                          Peter Mayle             01-09-20
A Year in Provence                      Peter Mayle             01-09-24
Kirith Kirin                            Jim Grimsley            01-09-27
Card Captor Sakura 4                    CLAMP (Kodansha)        01-09-30
Card Captor Sakura 5                    CLAMP (Kodansha)        01-09-30
Card Captor Sakura 6                    CLAMP (Kodansha)        01-09-30
Under the Light of Sigma Draconis       Eleanor Arnason         01-10-01
Reaper Man                              Terry Pratchett         01-10-03
So Mote It Be                           Isobel Bird             01-10-04
Merry Meet                              Isobel Bird             01-10-05
Second Sight                            Isobel Bird             01-10-05
What the Cards Said                     Isobel Bird             01-10-05
In the Dreaming                         Isobel Bird             01-10-07
Ring of Light                           Isobel Bird             01-10-07
Blue Moon                               Isobel Bird             01-10-07
The Five Paths                          Isobel Bird             01-10-08
Through the Veil                        Isobel Bird             01-10-08
Brat Farrar (*)                         Josephine Tey           01-10-12
Dragons of Autumn Twilight (*)  Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman   01-10-20
Dragons of Winter Night    (*)  Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman   01-10-21
Dragons of Spring Dawning  (*)  Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman   01-10-22
Dragons of Summer Flame         Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman   01-10-25
A Phoenix Too Frequent                  Christopher Fry         01-10-26
Miracle Girls 2                                                 01-10-27
Miracle Girls 3                                                 01-10-27
Banana Fish 5                           Akimi Yoshida           01-10-27
Grave Peril                             Jim Butcher             01-10-29