Rose and Release

explanation one

I thought I might start keeping a journal again. But unlike my previous journal, this journal does not purport to be an accurate record of my life. This is merely a place for me to scribble some thoughts, as I feel like doing so, and for other people to read them or not to read them as they feel like doing so. I wish to avoid the detailed recollections of each minute of the day that I used to find myself trapped in, and write the things I never wrote before. Perhaps it will be pretentious, falsely artistic, bad writing -- whatever. Go elsewhere if I do not please you, gentle reader, for the web is wide.

disclaimer one

Please note (especially those of you who know me or think you do) that I disclaim any attachment of reality to these entries; I am fiercely whimsical and may say all sorts of things which I don't actually mean. Think of this not as a journal perhaps, but as daydreams and snideness and stream-of-consciousness and poetry and too much anime all blended together, and you may be better off.

the answer to the first question

The margin quotes are (mostly) not original to me. But thank you for asking.

july begins with good intentions

the lone rose of june

the merry month of may

the only fragment of april

march enters like a lamb

february is the shortest month

as always, the numbers change in january

where did the other months go?