The Ritual of Structure

This is Cera's homepage! Within you'll find a lot of text and very few images, arranged in such a way as made sense to the author at the time of writing.

If you're just here to find out what I look like, help yourself. My hair has been many colours, including plum, midnight blue, dark blonde, a pale blue best described as 'blue raspberry kool-aid', port-wine red, and alpine green. Currently it's just plain brown, but I keep threatening to dye it again.

My Life in a Nutshell

Ken and I were married in May, 2005!

We live in Mountain View, California, which is a wonderful town about forty minutes south of San Francisco. I've been living in Mountain View on and off since 1995 and am extremely fond of it. I teach self-defense classes for Impact Bay Area, which is a job I absolutely love. I'm also a perpetual student, with an eye towards eventually getting a masters in counselling or family therapy.

I have an extremely wide range of interests, and I know a lot of really neat people; these things would combine to take up all of my free time if I allowed it, so I'm constantly trying to slow down and relax more. Having two cats helps, as they often crawl into my lap and emit sleep rays until I fall over.

To my surprise and delight, I'm part of an ever-changing horde.

Cunning Plans

My apartment is constantly evolving; most of the unpacked boxes have been dealt with, but there are still far too many books piled around that need to be investigated, shelved, and eventually read. Not to mention the bread I'd like to bake, the ice cream I'd like to make, the anime I'd like to watch... the list is delightfully endless.

Once upon a time I kept an online journal titled Time Stand Still from May of 1997 to August of 1999. It is now officially dead. Much to my own surprise, I then started another journal, titled Rose and Release. My intention was to continue updating it frequently enough that it would still count as a living project, but last year I was introduced to LiveJournal, which is such a simple way to keep a journal that I've moved entirely to writing there. The differences in format lead to different sorts of writing, but I will leave the curious to discover that for themselves.


My deepest thanks to Flick Inc for providing nameservice & disk space to requiem.

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